Barrington Family Medicine is a group of independent physicians who are conveniently located for you in one building.  The office is a community clinic that was established in 1956.  Two Family Medicine physicians, Dr. Wilcox and Dr. Bartolomeo, are available as your primary care physicians.  For emergencies, they are each available on-call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, every day of the year.  As Family Medicine physicians, they will take care of most of your health care needs.  Any problem based or preventative based office visits start with your primary care physician.  When there are problems which require a specialist, then you will be referred to the appropriate specialty.

To learn about each individual physician, click on their respective link below:

Dr. Bartolmeo and Dr. Wilcox see patients as young as newborns and pediatrics, through teen-age, young adults, middle-aged and the elderly.  All ages, both male and female, can establish with our Family Medicine Physicians.

For your convenience, also located in the building are Dr. Atia – Gastroenterology (stomach specialist), Dr Kadakia – Cardiology (heart specialist), and Dr. Kazmer – Podiatry (foot and ankle specialist).  Your primary care physician will refer you to these or any other specialist in another specialty as the need arises.